Escape Room I QUEST - ROOM - How it works? English

Hier ist Teamwork gefragt:
We challenge you, from the first to the last minute - as soon as that door closes behind you - to: Look around, search through the room, turn everything on its head and check if important clues or resources are to be found. Your curiosity will, without a doubt, be rewarded and will set you on the right track...


This is where teamwork comes in: Bring together what you have found, share and swap information, make notes and coordinate yourselves as a team. Sometimes the correct “piece of the puzzle” can only be provided by your teammates. The better you work together, the faster you will find yourselves moving in the right direction.


Well thought out ideas are only half the battle, Now its time to crack those puzzles and expose the secrets of the room by logically combining what you have collected. Do you need to think outside the box or is the simplest solution the correct one? Brains and logical thinking are required, with the help of hidden clues and the story of the room, to draw the right conclusion.

60 Minutes

Time has no master, moving relentlessly against you , running out even faster than you could think possible. To defeat this enemy you must not hesitate, work well as a team and ?defeat all obstacles in your path – within the 60 minutes! Not to worry, if you should get a little lost: Our employees, known as Gamemasters, will help to get you back on track.