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The Success Story

Franchising is a success story in every sector. Disney Land, McDonald’s and the TV series Galileo – all these companies have achieved a worldwide success by their extraordinary franchising qualities. You can participate in this success here, with us, QUEST – ROOM Entertainment GmbH.


The success and the quality of a franchise system are always based on the success and quality of the partners. We cooperate closely with our franchisees with the aim of becoming the market leader in Germany.

We hold regular strategy meetings between our general managers and franchisees to ensure a permanent dialog which is of great importance for our platform’s further development. Our franchisees have different experiences and contribute many good ideas to the system.

Our consultants also help our partners on their way to success and form the link between the franchisees and our corporate headquarters.

An essential task of the franchisor is it to create the right framework conditions for the success of the overall system. Among other things, this includes developing convincing marketing concepts, centralized purchasing, joint investment decisions and ensuring that the franchisees receive expert counselling regarding their business operations.

QUEST – ROOM Entertainment GmbH supports its partners with expert advice and ongoing training in all matters relating to the management of their event rooms. The greater the success of each individual branch, the stronger the brand – and vice versa.

Furthermore, we guarantee our partners territorial protection. This means that each branch needs a certain number of clients in order to operate successfully. Provided that a city has a limited number of potential customers, the franchisor guarantees the franchisee that no second branch of QUEST – ROOM will be opened in his/her vicinity.

If you are interested in a franchise contract, please contact us by phone or e-mail:
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