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QUEST – ROOM Entertainment GmbH creates unique experiences! According to this philosophy, we place great emphasis on the development, planning and processing of our events!escape game und escape room köln köln

The co-founder of CityHunters, the urban events, one of Germany’s most successful event management companies in the entertainment field, Alexander Kamenetsky, presents his latest project: “QUEST – ROOM Entertainment GmbH”. Quest-Rooms are urban events and Quests take place in closed areas.

With regard to our services, we entered new territory in Germany. We make use of innovative concepts and technologies in order to create a unique atmosphere. You will get a show that you can see, hear, feel and – strictly speaking – even smell. And more! You write your own screenplay. You play a game that can develop in different directions – depending on your decisions! In other words: You will receive a multi-scenario screenplay from “QUEST – ROOM Entertainment GmbH”. We create your adventures!escape game und escape room köln köln

Now, you and your team can experience a 60-minute adventure in a pleasant and reviewed atmosphere. It is an adventure that generates a lot of fun and stimulates the social cohesion within a family or among friends or colleagues.escape game und escape room köln köln

Within 60 minutes, you break into the professor’s house and steal the stolen emerald of the goddess Isis. You are the hero of your own story. Just be an «Indiana Jones» or «Ethan Hunt» from «Mission Impossible». Find hiding places, avoid pitfalls, and, at the end, open the safe. escape game und escape room köln köln

Or, in the other 60 minutes, you can escape from prison. Follow the path of the murderers and prisoners who have already escaped. Free yourself from handcuffs and find out where and how the police officer was murdered. At the end, you have to escape from prison.escape game und escape room köln köln


The team of QUEST – ROOM Entertainment GmbH consists of a great number of employed, freelance and self-employed people from different branches: screenplay writers, game masters, marketing experts, but also carpenters and designers who work for you. If you want to become part of our team, you will find our current vacancies HERE.


Alexander Kamenetsky
Alexander Kamenetsky is the Managing Director of QUEST – ROOM Entertainment GmbH and responsible for the development and the functioning of the company. He places great importance on customer satisfaction.
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